Prolife Fact Sheets and Handouts

Right to Life of Michigan has many factsheets and handouts covering a wide range of topics available for your educational efforts. These factsheets are free for download and copying. The list below includes every handout available throughout the separate issue pages of our website. If you would like more information about these topics, click the section titles.

Current Events

These handouts are particularly relevant to issues in the public spotlight:


Wrongly Accused - This handout helps you see through the false war on women rhetoric and address the real issues facing women today.

Presidential Record on Life
- A highlight of decisions President Barack Obama has made on issues dealing with the sanctity of human life.

Petition to Protect Religious Liberty and Conscience - This petition allows people to take a stand to protect Religious Liberty and provide Conscience Protection in Michigan. The First Amendment to the Constitution provides for free exercise of religion, but certain procedures within the healthcare setting violate the conscience of some individuals and institutions. This petition may be circulated at fairs, educational booths, churches and with friends and neighbors.