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In 1996, Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund began sharing its portfolio of prolife TV ads with other groups across the country. In order to better facilitate this kind of distribution and to provide additional training and consulting, a special department was created.

The initial plan for LifeMedia was to aid state organizations with media campaigns. However, this new effort quickly grew to include media campaign seminars, a biannual newsletter, a website and daily assistance with fund-raising, grassroots growth, organizational structure and general leadership planning.

This service was the assistance many groups across the country needed to increase their fund-raising capabilities, better educate the public, pass prolife legislation, help young women in crisis, strengthen local affiliates and more effectively grow their state organization.

LifeMedia continues to postively influence the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens while building the impact of those organizations upon our culture.

For more information about LifeMedia, please contact:

2340 Porter SW
P.O. Box 901
Grand Rapids, MI 49509-0901

ph. 616.532.2300 • fax 616.532-3461

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