Michigan Media History


  • Continued statewide Yellow Pages advertising campaign

  • Continued Internet search engine Google AdWords campaign

  • Launched TV ad "Weak" on YouTube


  • Continued statewide Yellow Pages advertising campaign

  • Launched Internet search engine Google AdWords campaign

  • Aired statewide television campaign using ads "Crowd" and "Seed"


  • Continued statewide Yellow Pages advertising campaign

  • Detroit post abortive TV campaigns with Silent No More and Virtue Media

  • Fall statewide TV campaign using ads Night and Washing


  • First and third quarter statewide television campaign featuring new adoption ads

  • Fall political radio ads in targeted areas

  • Renewed second year of Yellow Pages campaign

  • Developed new public image fund-raising film


  • January one week TV buy featuring Mother Teresa spot, "The Least of These"

  • Produced three new outreach TV ads and one three minute film promoting adoption

  • Launched first ever statewide Yellow Pages advertising campaign


  • Third quarter television campaign rotating ads, "Seed," "Night," "Daffodil," and "Intuition" reaching more than six million adults statewide in 13 weeks


  • Production of Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund Image Film, "The Story of Right to Life"


  • Statewide year-long television campaign using abortion outreach ads, "Washing" and "Night" and the newest image ads, "Weak" and "Valuable"

  • Fall political radio ad campaign


  • 877LIFEOPTIONS outreach to men television campaign using new ads, "Washing,""Talking" and "Silent Treatment"


  • 1 800-57WOMAN Campaign: "Women", "Letter" and "Daffodil". Assisted Suicide Campaign: "Card", "Hotline" and "Troubling Questions"


  • "Troubling Questions" television advertisements and published materials - Campaign against Assisted Suicide

  • nation-wide media campaign featuring Mother Teresa television ad


  • 1 800-57WOMAN Campaign: "Crowd", "Intuition", "Night" and "Detour" television advertisements


  • Anti-Violence Ads: "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and "No Justification for Murder" television advertisements


  • " Eyes" and "Seed" television advertisements

  • Abortion and Health Care television and radio advertisements


  • "Choice? or Child?" print advertisements, posters, outdoor billboards and flyers


  • "Abortion is Destroying America's Future...One Life at a Time" flyers


  • Adoption Campaign television advertisements, Newspaper print ads, Adoption Focus newsletter, and the "You Are Not Alone" and "Adoption Choices" brochures


  • Referendum Campaign on Abortion Funding television advertisements, print and radio ads, bumper stickers and referendum kits


  • Life Times/ Life It's Irreplaceable television advertisements, pin-on buttons and plastic tote bags


  • "When They Tell You That Abortion is Just a Matter Between a Woman and Her Doctor They're Forgetting Someone" print advertisements, television advertisements, radio spots, posters, outdoor billboards and flyers, full page ad placed in Time magazine

  • "She can make a tiny fist, get hiccups, suck her thumb, feel pain yet she can be legally put to death by abortion until the day she's born" print advertisement, posters and flyers

  • "Abortion means No Judge, No Jury, No Trial, No Appeal and No Stay of Execution" print advertisements, posters and flyers

  • "THE WOMB Once the Safest Place in the World for a Baby, Now the Most Deadly" print advertisements and posters

  • "If Child Abuse Became Legal, Would It Be Right? Abortion is the Ultimate Child Abuse" print advertisements and posters


  • Regional Campaign: "Need Your Help" and "Get the Facts" television advertisements

  • "Get all the Facts" and "Perhaps You've Heard" radio advertisements

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