Start a Campaign

What kind of Ads Are Available?
More than 20 professionally produced television ads are available including ads in the following categories: Crisis Pregnancy outreach, Post Abortive outreach (to women AND men), Image, Assisted Suicide, Partial Birth Abortion, Anti-violence and Adoption. The ads are typically :30 in length with a few exceptions.

How much will it cost?
Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund, although it pays thousands of dollars to produce each ad, only charges a $1,500 annual fee or $800 quarterly, for the use of any and all ads. This fee covers copyright/ licensing fees as well as some administrative costs on our end. The money may also be put towards the production of new ads each year.

In addition, Compass Outreach Media, an independent Grand Rapids based production and distribution agency, will charge each time an organization customizes the ad with their name. These costs range from approximately $1,300 for the first ad and increase to approximately $2,500 for four ads. All ad versioning needs to occur through Compass Arts.

Are there any other requirements?
In order to keep our costs down and make it as easy as possible for everyone involved, LifeMedia asks that groups pick one point person, or media coordinator, to work with LifeMedia throughout the course of the media campaign.

In addition, we ask groups to sign an Advertising Agreement and complete a Plan of Action, much like a Strategic Plan which explains which ads will be used, fundraising goals and details of the media buy schedule.

We do not require groups to work with our media buyer, but strongly encourage the use of a professional media buyer/planner when purchasing air time. We also work hard to secure only one media campaign partner in each state unless working with an additional group simultaneously has been approved and discussed with you, the client.

What should be our first step?
Once initial contact with LifeMedia has been made, groups should fill out an Advertising Agreement and submit their Plan of Action. Please contact Pam Sherstad, 616-532-2300, for any additional information.

Next, groups will want to select a media buyer. A buyer will give groups an idea of the cost involved in buying air time in their area and allow them to gather more detailed information for their donors contributing to the project.

Once the selection of ads has been made, the name, as it should appear on each ad, needs to be faxed to our attention. From that point, plan on a minimum of 3 weeks to receive a broadcast Beta master of the ads in the mail. Therefore, always allow plenty of lead time (at least a month) from when you request the ads and the actual air date onset.

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