Choose Life License Plate

S.B. 163  - Sen. Patrick Colbeck

H.B. 4222 - Rep. Shane Hernandez

Current Status

S.B. 162 and H.B. 4222 were introduced on February 15, 2017, and were referred to the Senate and House Transportation Committees respectively. No time frame has been set for taking up either bill in committee.


S.B. 162 and H.B. 4222 create the Choose Life Michigan fund within the Michigan Treasury where funds from the sale of specialty "Choose Life" license plates will be deposited. Funds generated by the sale of “Choose Life” plates in Michigan will be directed to the Choose Life Michigan fund. The board of the nonprofit prolife committee, Choose Life Michigan, will then disperse the money to organizations that submit grant proposals for specific abortion prevention projects. The bill stipulates that the funds will be used to promote alternatives to abortion, including adoption, provide practical support to pregnant women, and conduct outreach to at-risk populations regarding positive pregnancy options.


Twenty-nine other states offer "Choose Life" specialty plates. Over $12 million dollars has been raised nationwide from the Choose Life plates to aid in life affirming alternatives to abortion.  Michigan is the only state along the I-75 corridor that doesn't have a Choose Life plate, and it has been one of the most requested items by our members.  While Governor Snyder claimed he wasn't going to sign any specialty plate legislation, he has signed three bills into law during his tenure - Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer Awareness, Ducks Unlimited, and Boy Scouts.


Various forms of this legislation have been introduced in the past 7 previous sessions. Governors Granholm and Snyder have have effectively blocked passage of the previous bills over those 14 years. 

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