Prolife Youth Award

Annual Outstanding Prolife Youth Award

The Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund annually awards a $500 scholarship in March to one outstanding prolife high school senior in Michigan. Selection criteria include an essay and past participation in prolife activities. Award candidates are nominated by their local RLM affiliates. For more information about the youth award, please contact your affiliate.

2015 Youth Award Application Form

2014 Youth Award Winner - Sabrina White, Right to Life of Gladwin County

Sabrina has been a very active prolife volunteer for several years, including currently serving as the secretary for Right to Life of Gladwin County. She has helped her affiliate organize their dinner and fair booths. She has attended the national March for Life four times and two prolife youth rallies in Midland. She also helps pregnancy service organizations through her church and volunteering at a local baby pantry, including donating two baby blankets she crocheted herself. She plans on attending St. Mary Magdalen College. Congratulations Sabrina for your dedication to prolife work!

What can this next generation do to promote a positive prolife message?

We, “the next generation,” must keep pushing in behalf of pro-life causes and stand by our beliefs no matter the cost. We must vote for prolife candidates, support prolife bills, and encourage prolife leaders already in office because we know it is not easy to stand strong. In the words of former president Woodrow Wilson “Constitute them how you will, governments are always governments of men, and no part of any government is better than the men to whom that part is entrusted”.

Our generation needs to realize that everything we do to let people know about abortion is worth our time and effort. Volunteering to sit at the local RTL fair booth, attending prayer vigils, and organizing pro-life rallies may not completely convert one to our cause, but we may just strengthen someone. Others who are lukewarm to the pro-life cause may discover the opportunity and the passion to become more active in pro-life activities. By participating in pro-life dinners, we have an opportunity to distribute prolife information and educate people. When praying outside abortion clinics, we let women know by our silent, caring presence, that there is help and that they are not alone. Participating in the March for Life is an activity that I strongly recommend every pro-lifer to do at least once in their life time. It is a peaceful demonstration showing just how much our hearts are in saving the unborn. It is such an awe inspiring experience, seeing thousands of people (many of our generation), coming together for woman and child alike. This March for Life ignites a fire in the participants of our generation to keep up the fight on the home front. Our technologically-savvy generation must continue to tweet, blog, and You-Tube the prolife message.

Our generation must show that our government will be better when it is entrusted to us. We must lead in pro-life activities and have the courage to speak out for all life, especially the unborn. We must be a lighthouse, a beacon of hope and knowledge to those who need it. We need to educate through every chance encounter and light a fire within others for the unborn. We are the future leading voice of the Right to Life movement, tomorrow’s legislators, and the voice for the protection of all human life. May God guide us as we win hearts and minds to the pro-life cause.

Runner-up - Emily Messiter, Washtenaw County Right to Life

Emily has been an active member of her high school prolife club for four years and currently serves as their president. She has traveled to the March for Life with Washtenaw County Right to Life for four years, serving as a bus captain for two trips, and an essay recounting her experiences appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of RLM News. She's also helped fundraise for prolife pregnancy centers, gathered signatures for the No Taxes for Abortion Insurance petition drive and volunteered with prolife candidates. She plans on attending St. Mary's College in South Bend.

From Emily's essay: "We must have the courage to not only pile into a bus and drive to D.C. to march with hundreds of thousands of fellow prolife advocates, but also to face the more challenging one-on-one encounters, with the teenager at Planned Parenthood, with the "women's rights" activist, with the new dad whose life is changing forever."

Honorable Mention - Anastasia Bragg, Gaylord Right to Life

Anastasia has participated in many activities with Gaylord Right to Life, including the national March for Life, their Bike for Life, Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Day and Life Lobby Day at the Michigan Capitol. She has competed twice in the Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund High School Oratory Contest. She is an accomplished writer and has contributed several articles to Live Action News. She is currently the president of Gaylord Teens 4 Life and has spoken with local youth and students about prolife issues.

From Anastasia's essay: "The single most powerful was to spread the truth about life, however, is through our words and our actions, motivated by our deep love and respect for every human life. We must be willing to put in the extra hours to pull off that pro-life event, brave enough to speak up for an unborn child in an awkward situation, and strong enough to stand with a pregnant mother when no one else will."

Honorable Mention - Sylvia Messing, Huron County Right to Life

Sylvia has participated in several events with Huron County Right to Life, including attending their local Roe v. Wade memorial services, a youth rally and helping at a fair. She has helped organize their annual benefit dinner and collected signatures for the No Taxes for Abortion Insurance petition drive. She attended the national March for Life in 2012. She plans on attending Christendom College.

From Sylvia's essay: "I have come to realize over the last couple years how young and thriving the pro-life movement truly is. This has encouraged me as a pro-life young adult, and I believe it will encourage so many more in the same way if they are conscious of this fact."

Honorable Mention - Greta Worm, Grand Rapids Right to Life

Greta has volunteered with Grand Rapids Right to Life as a member of their student drama team, at their dinner and their Bike & Hike. She has been in her high school prolife club for all four years, currently serving as the president. She has attended the national March for Life three times, as well as local Life Chains, and volunteered with a local pregnancy center. She plans on attending Grand Valley State University or Loyola University in Chicago.

From Greta's essay: "The key way to spreading the message, though, isn't always from a global stance. It has to start local, starting from the family, the school and the community. Tackling the world seems impossible, but informing those close to you is a small ripple that begins the wave of social change regarding life."

Honorable Mention - Angela Sauve, Saginaw Right to Life

Angela has been active with Saginaw Right to Life since the age of 10. She has helped out at numerous fair booths for them, including coming up with free face painting as a way to attract visitors to their booth. She has attended the national March for Life three times. She plans on attending Delta Community College.

From Angela's essay: "Right to Life's message is very important for our generation to promote. We are the voices that need to be heard for the next generation to learn from. This is why it's extremely important for our generation to get involved in Right to Life of Michigan.

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