Prolife Youth Award

Annual Outstanding Prolife Youth Award

The Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund annually awards a $500 scholarship in March to one outstanding prolife high school senior in Michigan. Selection criteria include an essay and past participation in prolife activities. Award candidates are nominated by their local RLM affiliates, please contact them for more information and to get involved.

2016 Youth Award

The deadline for 2016 affiliate nominees is Friday, March 18. The winner will be selected by a state committee and announced shortly thereafter.

2016 Youth Award form

2015 Youth Award Winner - Rebecca Cooper, Gaylord Right to Life

Rebecca has an outstanding track record of prolife volunteering and leadership. She was a founding member and the first president of Gaylord Teens for Life as an 8th and 9th grade student, and has remained an officer of the group since then. Through the group she's done many activities, including a "diaper raid" to collect diaper donations for her local pregnancy center and attending the national March for Life. She has participated in many other Gaylord Right to Life programs and events as well. She's given prolife speeches as a state finalist in the Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund High School Oratory Contest, as well as speaking to youth groups and at a rally in opposition to Obamacare. Recently she helped as a babysitter through her local pregnancy center so his mother could attend college. She plans on attending Cornerstone University.

What can this next generation do to promote a positive prolife message?

The best way for my generation to promote a positive pro-life message is to communicate the value of life to our peers. Because our society has such a twisted view on issues such as abortion, euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research, it is vital that we reach teens with the reality of such atrocities before they are swept away by the mainstream belief that life is not sacred.

But how do we get this message out? How do we combat the lies that teens are told every day? First, we must educate ourselves. Before we can discuss these issues with others, we have to prepare ourselves and make sure we have the facts. We can do this by attending conferences and rallies, by researching the topic, and by talking to those who hold a positive pro-life worldview.

Once we've educated ourselves, we can then begin to educate others. We must not be afraid to share our beliefs! We rarely know the full story of the people we encounter. According to the Guttmacher Institute, almost 3 in 10 women will have an abortion by age 45. If one person makes it a point to talk to just 10 women about abortion, chances are, three of them have already had, or will have an abortion. This generation's potential to save lives is not remote or miniscule, but a reality, and one we must fully embrace.

Everything I have mentioned can be done by just one person. Imagine the power of a group! There are many Students for Life groups out there for high school and college students. These groups are stirring up this generation and igniting a passion for life in the hearts of thousands of students! These groups, and the individuals in them are the future of the pro-life movement. This generation must ensure that these groups stay active. We can do this by reaching out to youth groups and schools, planning educational events, getting involved with other pro-life ministries, and mentoring other groups to help them grow and thrive.

By educating ourselves and others, by not being afraid to speak out, by joining other like-minded teens in the fight to life, I wholeheartedly believe that this generation will be the generation to break the chains of this culture of death and spread the pro-life message so that once again, all individuals will be granted the right to life.


Honorable Mention - Amber Knarian, Huron County Right to Life

Amber's prolife volunteering goes all the way back to 1998, attending her local Roe v. Wade memorial service that year and all of the years since. As a long-time volunteer with Huron County Right to Life, Amber has helped at fair booths, stuffed envelopes, baked cookies and done much more for their events. She's attended prolife youth rallies, delivered a prolife speech in class and helped with a baby bottle drive to raise money for a local pregnancy center. She plans on attending Grand Valley State University.

From Amber's essay: "Last year, I gave a speech on what abortion is and what it does to both the mother and the child, and the reaction of my classmates proved that they knew little about the topic. My classmates, on the verge of being able to vote, knew less about abortion than they thought. They were unfamiliar with how abortions were performed and every more unfamiliar with what partial birth abortion was. Not only did they not know what was done to the child, they didn't know the possible side effects that the mother could face. Providing teens with this information is crucial."


Honorable Mention - Noah Jones, Sanilac County Right to Life

Noah has been an active member of Sanilac County Right to Life for many years. He's helped with their dinners, parades, youth rallies, fair booths, and their new Pro-Life Walk Across the Thumb. He's attended the National March for Life and Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Day several times. He has also assisted with baby bottle fundraisers and prayed outside of an abortion clinic. Noah plans on attending St. Clair County Community College.

From Noah's essay: "We must defend the babies in every way possible. This is not an easy task; there are many trials along the way and you will be faced with opposition from family and friends who do not see the same way you do, but do not let that stop you. My generation needs to stand up and fight for what is right."

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