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Powerful Video Gives Voice to Voiceless

Interview With An Unborn Child is a video which movingly gives a voice to the child preparing to be born. In this four minute film, you will hear the voice of an unborn baby; learn about his development, and sadly his fate. His life is about to be snuffed out in the abortion clinic.

The child says . . .

My loudest cry is in silence

My most beautiful dreams turn into nightmares

My greatest pain will not reach the ears of anyone,

Not even my mother . . .


Statistics Show 56 million Abortions Since Roe v. Wade

There have been more than 56 million abortions performed in the US since the infamous Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton court decisions were handed down by the US Supreme Court Justices. That action legalized abortion in all 50 states through all nine months of pregnancy in 1973. The most recent statistics show 23,230 abortions were performed in Michigan in 2012, and there have been 1,087,132 abortions in Michigan since statistics were first kept in 1980.


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Ideas for Churches

Every church can have a positive prolife impact. Actively promoting a culture of life throughout the year can be inspiring and enjoyable!



The Story of Right to Life

The Story of Right to LifeThe Story of Right to life is a PowerPoint presentation for use in churches and group settings to educate about what it means to be prolife and the work of Right to Life groups.

This is a story about relationships. And, as such, it’s a story about us all. It’s as broad as the human journey, for it is woven into the fabric of our deepest issues. Human rights, preventing violence, child abuse and caring for the terminally ill are all spokes of the same wheel. And at the center of this wheel is the respect for human life.


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In the Image of God

Created in the Image of God In the Image of God stresses that all life comes from our creator.  In that way, we are called to protect the least among us, the unborn child. This PowerPoint briefly describes how abortion became legal in the United States, its impact on our nation and the developmental facts and pictures which show us that unborn children are human, too.

The PowerPoint is free of charge and comes with a presenter's script for a seamless presentation.


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en Español
Creado a imagen de DIOS

In the Image of God in Spanish"Creado a imagen de Dios es una presentación de PowerPoint para que las iglesias enseñen sobre la Inviolabilidad de la Vida Humana, y también los dos fallos de la Corte Suprema que legalizaron el aborto por cualquier razón hasta los 9 meses del embarazo.

La presentación de PowerPoint es gratis y viene con un guión para el presentador."

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What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath is a PowerPoint presentation for use in churches and group settings to educate the abortion agenda of Planned Parenthood. The PowerPoint is free of charge and comes with a presenter's script for a seamless presentation.

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Discussion Guides

SOHLS DISCUSSION GUIDE - This discussion guide is designed to be used should should value human life and why SoHLS takes place in January. 

DISCUSSION GUIDE - This is a discussion guide which can be to defend, protect and value innocent human life.

Great Reads

Help your congregation have a better understanding of prolife issues by featuring prolife books in your church library.


Prolife Educational Videos

Videos are available from the Right to Life of Michigan lending libraries in the educational resource centers. The videos cover many different life topics and can be used for classes or group discussions.


Prolife Quiz. Do You Rate?

This quiz can be used during Sunday school classes, Bible study groups or as part of an interactive message. Test your knowledge on the life issue!


Reflection on Psalm 139

Rabbi Loren Jacobs' message, based on Psalm 139, makes the case for the sanctity of all human life, including unborn children. We must know that we are never alone. God was with each one of us from our very beginning, at the moment of our creation and before, and He will be with us at our end and beyond! God Himself is very much involved in our life! Read this message and be inspired. To view his message, click here.

Bible Verses Addressing Life

There are many verses in the Bible that deal with respecting the sanctity of human life. Verses are in different Bible versions:




Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Resources

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in January is a special day for churches and others to participate in changing hearts and minds on the issue of abortion. Many churches and prolife groups across the country have activities on SoHLS, ranging from a prolife sermon to the national March for Life in Washington, D.C. Bulletin inserts, litany examples, discussion guides, activity ideas and more are available.



Michigan Knights of Columbus Ensure They Aren't Raising Funds for the Komen Foundation

After reviewing the Susan G. Komen for the Cure's (also known as the Komen Foundation) relationship with Planned Parenthood, the State Deputy of the Michigan Jurisdiction of the Knights of Columbus ruled that no Knights of Columbus council in Michigan can raise money or affiliate itself with Komen.

The Komen Foundation admits to encouraging affiliates to give money to Planned Parenthood, America's leading abortion provider. In the last 5 years, the Komen Foundation has given more than 3 million dollars to Planned Parenthood.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal service organization with strong prolife beliefs.

arrow Letter from Knights of Columbus State Advocate to State Deputy regarding the Komen Foundation's relationship with Planned Parenthood


arrow Letter from Knights of Columbus State Deputy requiring Knights of Columbus councils to no longer raise funds for or affiliate with the Komen Foundation

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Church Bulletin Suggestions

The following information can be used for church bulletins or newsletters. Feel free to edit information as needed.

Government study finds taxpayers subsidizing abortion in Obamacare plans  

The Government Accountability Office released a study in September which confirms tax dollars are being used to subsidize abortion in Obamacare.The study shows that elective abortion coverage in the vast majority of plans studied "is not subject to any restrictions, limitations, or exclusions." Thanks to Michigan's Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law, abortions in Michigan will not be subsidized by tax dollars. Learn more about Michigan's Opt-Out law at www.RTL.org.  

Judge finds Michigan abortionist "failed to adhere to the most minimal standards of cleanliness" 

After a September hearing, Administrative Law Judge Shawn Downey found Michigan abortionist Robert Alexander guilty of both negligence and incompetence under Michigan's Public Health Code. In late 2012, Muskegon officials discovered the filthy conditions inside Alexander's clinic.The Michigan Board of Medicine will now decide how to discipline Alexander.  

If you or someone you know is facing an untimely pregnancy, you can find a pregnancy center near you by calling 1-800-57-WOMAN, day or night. A caring, confidential help agency is as close as a phone call. You are not alone.

Hyde Amendment turns 38

September 30, 2014, was the 38th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment. Despite being a main target for many years of abortion advocates, it has been re-approved by Congress every year. The Hyde Amendment prevents federal tax dollars from directly paying for most abortions. Preventing federal tax dollars from paying for abortion save lives, millions of lives. A similar law in Michigan saved approximately 10,000 lives the first year it was in effect. Learn more about the Hyde Amendment at www.RTL.org.

Resource Helps Explain Importance of Life Issues

The Preaching the Prolife Message brochure explains to church leaders why it is important to discuss life issues in faith settings, and gives some tips on preparing sermons on abortion and other prolife issues.


Need a Visual?

Showing the reality and impact of abortion without using graphic pictures is challenging. However, one powerful way to "see" how abortion has damaged our country is to juxtapose the war on the unborn to the number of American's who lost their lives in battle. This handout is especially helpful around Memorial Day.


Guidelines for Political Activity

Congress has enacted special tax laws applicable to churches, religious organizations, and ministers in recognition of their unique status in American society and of their rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers this quick reference guide of federal tax law and procedures for churches and religious organizations to highlight responsibilities in regard to political activity.

Benefits and responsibilities under the federal tax law

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