Participate in Changing Hearts and Minds on this 41st Year of Legalized Abortion

Choose Life Luminary Candle Kits Choose Life Luminaries







.88¢ each


Each Luminary Kit Includes:
• 1 - Candle
• 1 - White 5 lb. Bag with   "Choose Life" imprinted on it
• Complete Instructions

Use Luminaries to:
• Position one or more on the front   porch of your home
• Define your driveway or sidewalk
• Encircle your church
• Frame a city park (be sure to get   permission from appropriate city   or township officials prior to doing   so)
• Place a column along the main   street in your village or town (be   sure to get permission before   doing so)


SoHLS Activities

Local January, SoHLS Events Planned

Check out local prolife events planned in your area. Silent marches, candlelight vigils and special memorial services are scheduled throughout Michigan. VIEW JANUARY EVENTS

Ideas for SoHLS activities

Dresser Drive
Place a dresser in your church. Invite everyone to place baby/maternity items in the dresser. All items, PLUS the dresser, will then be donated at the end of the month to a local pregnancy center.

Support Local Ministries
Invite local adoption agencies and pregnancy care centers to set up displays in your church. With your pastor’s permission, invite one of these organizations to do a minute talk during the church service.

Baby Bottle Change Drive
Ask each family to fill up a baby bottle with change. All monies from the baby bottle change drive will be donated to a local crisis pregnancy center.

Educational Display
Display a set of fetal models showing the development of the unborn.Your local Right to Life office may have these available to borrow as well as other materials - such as “Life Before Birth” reprint. The reprint of “Life” magazines 1965 beautiful photos of fetal development is truly a beautiful depiction of life before birth. ORDER REPRINT

White Cross Lawn Display
Plan to display white crosses on your Church’s lawn to represent the loss of life due to abortion. Check with your local prolife group as to the availability of small wooden crosses that you may borrow.