Filing A Complaint Against An Abortion Clinic

Questions & Answers

Q. How do I file a consumer complaint?

A. An allegation is a consumer complaint filed with the Bureau of Health Care Services (BHCS) against a licensee or registrant. A consumer "alleges" that a violation of the Public Health Code occurred. An allegation is the first step in possible disciplinary action against the health care provider. A complaint is filed when the State believes it has enough evidence to proceed with possible disciplinary action.

Q. Can I file an allegation by phone?

A. Anyone can file an allegation against a licensed or regulated health care professional. However, all allegations must be in writing and must include the complainant's correct name and address. Although BHCS provides a form for use in filing an allegation, they will accept any written allegations received regardless of whether the form was used or not.

Q. What information is required?

A. The initial allegation must include the following:

The name and profession of the health care professional

  • A description of the incident, including dates and location

  • As many details and records as possible to support your charge. Examples include medical records, hospital bills and insurance claims

  • Names and addresses and/or phone numbers for anyone who can provide supporting information, including other health care providers

The name of the person filing the allegation will be kept confidential unless he or she is required to testify at a hearing.

Q. What happens after an allegation is filed?

A. The Bureau of Health Care Services begins a process which could result in disciplinary action against the health care professional. The allegation will be reviewed, if it is determined that the Public Health Code has in fact been violated, the allegation will be investigated. The complainant may be interviewed during the investigation process. Once the investigation is completed the investigator will make a recommendation that the file proceed, or perhaps that the file be closed. If the file proceeds, the State will then file an administrative complaint. Once the complaint is filed, a compliance conference is held, where disciplinary action will be determined. The decision is then reviewed by the Disciplinary Subcommittee.

If this case is closed at any point in the process, the Bureau of Health Care Services will notify those involved.

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