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Help end dismemberment abortions

On Tuesday, November 10, the Michigan House Criminal Justice Committee voted 5-3 to advance H.B. 4833 & 4834, bills to end the brutal practice of dismemberment abortions in Michigan. Thank you if you have already called your legislator in this committee. When we move closer get closer to action on the House floor or in the Senate, additional grassroots lobbying will be needed. In the meantime we have a petition available as a tool to educate others about dismemberment abortions. Collect names to encourage the Michigan Legislature to pass legislation to end this common and brutal form of abortion. Learn more about dismemberment abortions.

ACTION NEEDED: Circulate the Petition to End Dismemberment Abortions. The petition can be found here.

Participate in our End Dismemberment Social Media Contest to help educate people through social media on dismemberment abortions.

What you can do to help defund Planned Parenthood

A series of recent undercover videos expose Planned Parenthood for who they really are, the nation's largest provider and promoter of abortion. Even some people who call themselves "pro-choice" may wonder what they can do to prevent their money from supporting fetal organ sales at Planned Parenthood. Here are a few ways that you can get involved and help defund Planned Parenthood.

1. Share these videos on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) so that people know the truth about Planned Parenthood; don't let them continue to survive behind a public relations shield.
2. Contact your legislators and tell them you support defunding Planned Parenthood and a thorough investigation into their organ harvesting. Planned Parenthood should not be receiving more than $500 million in taxpayer dollars every year to kill unborn children and sell their body parts.
3. Get connected with your local Right to Life of Michigan affiliate. The fight against Planned Parenthood will take a long-term, sustained effort.

State-wide educational campaign imparts the value of every life

The Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund state-wide campaign, the compassion project, includes TV spots and short films featuring women who share why they are prolife. These women bring a quiet voice to a noisy debate. Their life experiences convey a fresh perspective to an ongoing discussion: Is abortion justified in certain circumstances?

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “Those in favor of abortion have pointed to survivors of rape to justify legalized abortion. There is a preconception that women who become pregnant from rape want to abort their children. This is a false stereotype not supported by fact. To counter this misconception, Right to Life of Michigan launched the compassion project. The women featured in the compassion project share why they believe rape should not be used as a reason to justify abortion.”

ACTION NEEDED: Share these ads with people and encourage them to visit the Right to Life of Michigan website to see the short films. You can use the Right to Life of Michigan YouTube channel to share the ads through email and social networking. The short films can be found here.

Report details abortion clinic abuses in Michigan

The Abortion Abuses and State Regulator Agency Failure Report released by Right to Life of Michigan has shown that most of Michigan's abortion clinics are not in compliance with dozens of state laws or regulations. The report also cites a vital need for oversight and enforcement on the part of Michigan agencies charged with holding health providers and facilities to account. The report prompted a hearing in the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Licensing & Regulatory Affairs.

ACTION NEEDED: Download the report or share it online with your friends and family. Our state government must hold abortion clinics accountable for failing to follow state law and regulations.



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