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President Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

President Trump nominated U.S. Circuit Court Judge Neil Gorsuch for the U.S. Supreme Court. Gorsuch fits President Trump’s campaign promise for a nominee in the mold of the late, great Antonin Scalia. Judge Gorsuch is well qualified and deserves a fair hearing, not a filibuster. He was approved for the circuit court unanimously in 2006, 95-0.


ACTION NEEDED: Contact Senator Debbie Stabenow and Senator Gary Peters and tell them: "Please allow an up-or-down vote on Judge Neil Gorsuch for the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch is a well-qualified candidate with a similar judicial philosophy to the justice he is replacing, Antonin Scalia. He was previously approved by the U.S. Senate unanimously. A filibuster of Judge Gorsuch’s nomination would violate the will of voters who expressed their wishes on Election Day."

No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 238-183 on January 24 for H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, to make the Hyde Amendment permanent. The Hyde Amendment is annual legislation attached to the budget which prevents your tax dollars from paying directly for most abortions. The legislation now goes to the U.S. Senate for consideration, where it may have a filibuster from the pro-abortion minority of senators.

ACTION NEEDED: Contact Senator Debbie Stabenow and Senator Gary Peters and tell them: "Please support H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. A majority of Americans oppose our tax dollars being used to pay for abortions."

House voted on stripping lame duck Obama rule to protect Planned Parenthood

In the closing days of the Obama Administration pro-abortion regulators created a rule that stops states from defunding Planned Parenthood. The U.S. House voted 230-188 on Feb. 16 to approve House Joint Resolution 43 (H.J. Res. 43) to rescind this rule. Similar to Medicaid, Title X (Title 10) family planning funding is jointly administered by states. Several states have sought to prevent Title X funding from going to Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics. They passed rules to redirect the money to uncontroversial clinics. As a staunch servant of the abortion industry, President Obama sought to stop these states. Obama's rule change took effect on January 18, with two days left in his presidency. When originally crafting the rule, he expected Hillary Clinton to be the abortion-friendly president administering it.

ACTION NEEDED: Please call your senators now and send them this message: "Please take action to approve H.J. Res. 43 to rescind the Obama rule preventing states from redirecting Title X funds away from groups like Planned Parenthood."

Stop dismemberment abortions

Protecting unborn children from the brutality of dismemberment abortions is a legislative priority for Michigan. A law is needed because D&E dismemberment abortions are as brutal as the partial-birth abortion method, which is now illegal in Michigan and the United States. Legislation has been introduced adding D&E dismemberment abortions to our state's ban on partial-birth abortion. Learn more about dismemberment abortions.

ACTION NEEDED: Circulate the Petition to End Dismemberment Abortions. The petition can be found here.

Sign-up to volunteer in your local community

Right to Life of Michigan affiliates are active throughout the state of Michigan. Local prolife volunteers are the foundation of our grassroots prolife movement in Michigan and source of our success in education, legislation and political action. You can make a difference in your community and help build a culture of life.

ACTION NEEDED: Sign up to volunteer in your local community.



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