Teach at every opportunity

Education is key to helping African-Americans and Hispanics understand that together they represent 52 percent of all the abortions in the United States today. That’s a staggering figure! When people come to understand the urgency of this message, they often ask us, “What is Right to Life of Michigan doing to educate the African-American and Hispanic communities?”

Right to Life of Michigan is becoming involved in the community and teaching about our prolife work at every available opportunity.

“Dia de los Niños, Dia de los Libros” (“Day of the Children, Day of the Books”), was held on Saturday, April 25, 2009 in Detroit’s Mexicantown. This event, created by the Mexican Consulate’s office in Detroit, is an opportunity to celebrate reading, education and community. With donations from two generous donors, the Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund was able to purchase Spanish and English versions of the prolife book, “Angel in the Waters.” When families stopped by our educational resource table, we encouraged the parents to read the complimentary book to their children and share the message of life. That day our prolife educational work impacted over 150 families (600 – 1000 people).

The 5th Annual “People of Life” Reception at the Edison Boat Club was held on Thursday, May 7, 2009. In this beautiful location on the Detroit River, where the strolling dinner is always extraordinary, our educational prolife work in the African-American community continued. Pastor Luke Robinson, our special guest and keynote speaker, gave an amazing speech to all those gathered for the evening. Robinson is the pastor of Quinn Chapel AMEC Church in Frederick, MD and is passionately prolife. You may remember him as the spirited African-American pastor who gave an inspired speech during the 2009 March for Life Rally in Washington, DC. In Detroit, Pastor Robinson called on each one of us to join him as we work hard to put an end to abortion.

Not only is adult education necessary, but also youth education – they will be our prolife leaders of tomorrow. Other summer events, with a focus on the youth, are “Celebration of Cultures” and the annual “Metro Detroit Youth Day.” At both events, a Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund resource table was available. “Celebration of Cultures” was June 4, 2009, in Detroit’s Mexicantown with thousands of youth and their parents gathering in Clarke Park for a festive and educational day. “Metro Detroit Youth Day” was July 9, 2009, on Detroit’s Belle Isle and hosted more than 34,000 youth and their adult chaperones for a day of sports clinics, educational programs, exhibits, lunch and more.

















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