Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund Recognizes Prolife Youth

Making an impact on the world is what Sarah Weiss does best. Because of her prolife volunteerism, Sarah was selected to be the 2011 Prolife Youth Award recipient. Sarah volunteered with Saginaw County Right to Life at several events, including their memorial service and during the election. In addition, Sarah is involved with Valley Lutheran High School Students for Life and participates with their drama team. She plans on attending Calvin College in the fall. Congratulations to Sarah for her dedication to prolife work!

Below is an excerpt of Sarah's essay about how she is reaching her generation with a prolife message.


Building a Prolife Generation by Sarah Weiss

Recently in my ethics class, we explored the topic of abortion. At a Christian high school, one might imagine that we were taught the "Christian views" on the subject and given biblical support to back up these views. But that isn't what we did. Instead, we saw interviews and documentaries and read various articles from people who didn't hold the beliefs that we did. We studied in detail their belief systems, their circumstances, their actions, and their reasoning for their actions. . .

In my class, we picked apart arguments and learned to apply logic to circumstances in which people refused to let God be a part of their reasoning. I found that I came out of the experience with stronger beliefs, and a better knowledge of why I believe what I believe.

Throughout this learning experience it became more and more clear to me that it doesn't matter how many hours you put in protesting outside abortion clinics or attending benefit dinner if you can't articulate your own beliefs. . . How can you disagree with a politician who cannot allow God to be a part of public policies because he cannot favor any particular religion?

My generation is one that can reach great milestones in the prolife movement if we can learn to answer these questions as well as those of our fellow Christians, and do so "with gentleness and respect" (1 Peter 3:15). This positive influence on our peers can help to build a prolife generation and even bring people to faith through our loving witness.









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