Educational Ads Debut at Fall Dinners

Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund prepares to debut its two new television commercials at dinner events around the state this fall. The two educational outreach spots, "Accusations" and "Little Rascals," were funded by a designated grant.

"Accusations" features several women who share their pregnancy worries -- whether it be about finances, education or relationships. One mentions, "I was four months pregnant when he left me."

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, "We've all heard arguments about why abortion should be legal. But what every person needs is somebody who cares and shows them how important life is."

During the ad, women briefly state how they were told by others that they couldn't raise their children by themselves. The ad speeds up as a variety of images flash across the screen until finally it slows down to a little boy in a woman's arms. The woman continues, "But then somebody else came along, somebody who cared enough to remind me what matters." A little girl finishes, ". . . and I'm so glad they did."

"Accusations" initially evokes a feeling of loneliness when listening to the put downs of others, but concludes with the feeling of being set free when listening to one's heart. As in reality, women often have to wade through the negativity of others before realizing their own potential. The background images portray the flag, the symbol of freedom, and the blooming rose, representing life.

The second commercial, "Little Rascals," plays short scenes of children pretending to be grown-ups. Madison who is playing in the garden takes the label pro-environment. Max who is selling lemonade is pro-small business. The final scene fades to Emma, a 16-week-old in the womb who is prolife.

"Little Rascals" focuses on the opportunity that life brings. Every child has ideas, dreams and potential.

Listing said, "These ads remind us how important life is. Every mother is worthy of our help and encouragement and every child deserves the chance to dream."

The ads are slated to run this fall on state-wide Michigan television as funds allow. Donations to Right to Life of Michigan can be made securely on-line at www.rtl.org.







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